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By March 3, 2020Blog

Hi everyone – we haven’t posted for a while, as life throws a lot of curve balls. But we weathered the storm, and here we are.

Since our last update, we’ve been quite productive and have continued to speak to fellow animal advocates.  Using their input, my team and I have continued working on the Pet Pardon app, and remain fully committed to bringing a solution that will help end the needless euthanasia of animals.

As such, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Pet Pardon app before the end of March 2020. At that time the link to download the app will be available on our website and from our social media accounts….stay tuned!

For new followers, we created Pet Pardon to raise awareness of the number of animals who are needlessly euthanized in shelters. The Pet Pardon app will make it easier and quicker to share and pledge using a single platform. It will also help shelters and rescue groups manage the animals and track and collect funding being pledged.

Like so many of you reading this, we know firsthand how time consuming and deflating this process can be, particularly tracking the status of the animals and pledges over multiple social channels.

Leading up to the launch, we are also collecting feedback from people who use social media to rescue, network, pledge, foster or adopt animals that need to get out of shelters.

We’d be grateful if you could fill out a survey to tell us more about your pain points and what features you’d like to see.


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