Pet Pardon app to launch March 31…a sneak peak…

By March 24, 2020Blog

Animal shelters are in perpetual crisis mode, lacking space to house and care for a near-constant influx of animals. Unfortunately, that means many unwanted animals are terminated to make room for more.

Animal advocates just like you are trying to make a difference, using social networks to get animals adopted or saved by a rescue organization. But with so many animals at risk, and most social networks not equipped to support this important work, it’s been impossible to accurately track animals, adoptions, pledges, and the social conversations surrounding at-risk animals across multiple social platforms.

After discovering and subsequently becoming involved within the ecosystem of incredible animal lovers on social media, I know firsthand how time consuming and deflating this process can be. I initially networked the animals, but quickly realized my efforts were duplicated by others. I then became an active pledger, hoping a rescue would save an animal. But found it nearly impossible to consistently get updates on the status of animal, or even be able to track the animal by id number. As being able to honour my pledge, helps animal organizations to continue their efforts to save as many animals as they can.

After discovering that others were having the same frustrations, I then asked myself:

‘What if we could connect this community of animal advocates and give it a way to save animals on a massive scale?’

Designed to save lives, the Pet Pardon app lets animal advocates network, adopt, foster, pledge and rescue condemned shelter animals – all in one place. Every feature has been developed to make it easier for the community to search, share, track and pledge.

  • Integrates with other social networks and brings information into one place.
  • Solves limitations of existing photo sharing platforms: central app to track, notify, share and update animals in need.
  • Establishes a direct line between shelters, rescues and animal advocates.
  • Creates a trusted payment conduit for animal lovers to donate, capture and manage pledges.

Connect with the community in Pet Pardon and help make a difference in the lives of at-risk animals. We are launching on March 31…please register your interest in our app here.


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