Pet Pardon app makes it easy for animal lovers to share to save a life

By March 31, 2020App

With the Pet Pardon app, animal advocates can network, rescue, adopt and donate money, giving at-risk pets a second chance at life

Pet Pardon relieves the pressure on animal shelters and rescue organizations by creating an easier channel for the public to donate and support condemned pets.

Shelters are in perpetual crisis mode, lacking space to house and care for a near-constant influx of animals. Unfortunately, that means many unwanted animals are terminated to make room for more.

Thousands of animal advocates are to trying to save as many as they can by posting photos and networking animals on social media. But with so many at risk, it’s impossible to track conversations about a specific animal over multiple social networks.

Pet Pardon is an end-to-end solution that helps reduce the number of animals euthanized in shelters – because it’s designed to save lives. The app makes it easier and quicker to share and pledge to animal organizations on a single platform, helping shelters and rescue groups better manage the animals and track and collect donations being pledged.


SEARCH – Search by breed, dog ID, dog name, status and shelter location. Access extensive details all in one place to share, adopt, rescue or pledge to save a pet!

FILTER & SORTFilter by status: adopted, rescued, or at risk. Sort by breed, dog id, dog name, shelter location, status and total pledged. Get all the information you need to prioritize the ones in imminent danger.

SHARE – Share dogs via social media, SMS text, WhatsApp and many more. Increase reach with one click to help get more dogs adopted or rescued.

PLEDGE – Pledge an amount for any dog directly through the app. Pet Pardon tracks and curates the pledges to ensure dog gets rescued and rescues get paid.

 There’s lots more…


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