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Shelter Animals

Animal shelters in the U.S. are full – we know this firsthand because we share hundreds of shelter animals a month on social media. Dogs and cats are specifically at risk, as they make up the majority of the intakes.

We don’t physically go into the shelters, but we interact with shelters all over the U.S. that are manned by volunteers – who dedicate many hours taking videos of the animals to help get them seen and saved.

The goal is to attract an adopter or foster. But in a lot of the cases, dogs (and cats) are being labeled ‘rescue only’, which means that due to a ‘behavioral’ or ‘medical’ issue they aren’t available to be adopted by someone in the general public. Instead, they must leave under the care of an approved 501c3 rescue organization.

In the case of a dog, it is usually in the best interests of the dog to be taken in under a rescue. They have the resources and experience to get the dogs assessed outside of the stressful shelter environment. This includes training the dog and a potential adopter/foster to set everyone up for success. A lot of effort goes into saving just one dog – and it’s all worth it. But to do the work, rescues also need fosters and funds.

In all the years our founder has been working with other animal advocates to get animals of the shelter system, she hasn’t seen it this bad. In her opinion, we can’t rescue our way out of this.

Animals, especially dogs and cats, are being surrendered to shelters at an alarming rate. The shelters are at or over capacity with owner surrenders (too old, can’t afford medical, home situation has changed), strays, cruelty cases and a plethora of other reasons. Lately, we are seeing a lot of puppies: discarded when the owners soon find out that they can’t handle them. Or litters of puppies and kittens arriving with the mother.

For every dog and cat shared on social media, there are millions more suffering that you never see. Rescues are being asked to take animals into their care, but they are out of money and already full of dogs and cats that need homes and fosters.

What does this mean? Perfectly healthy animals are being euthanized for space – including purebreds, seniors, mothers & puppies/kittens.

Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Contact your local politician to find out their stance on animal welfare laws – there are millions of animal lovers. Votes matter!
  2. Encourage your local politician to implement and enforce spay/neuter laws.
  3. Support a local and/or your favorite rescue – if you can, donate as often as you can or become a monthly donor.
  4. If you can’t afford to donate, then….FOSTER, ADOPT or encourage others to do so (your time is priceless)
  5. Help keep animals out of the shelter – if you or you know anyone that needs help rehoming an animal, please contact a local rescue. We can also help…Contact Us

Please feel free to add any ideas in the comments…working together we can save more.

Millions of innocent animals are dying around the world – speak up to help all or even one of them – SHARING, EDUCACTING & ENCOURAGING others to help will make a difference!

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