About Us

Pet Pardon was formed to raise awareness of the number animals – many who are perfectly healthy, that are being euthanized every day at shelters in the US, Canada and the UK.

Pet Pardon is an App that will enable animal lovers to share a pet’s plight on social media or help to sponsor the safe rehoming of an animal at risk.

Our Story

Founded in the UK in 2017, by Canadian ex-pat Sheryl Joyce – a lifelong animal lover and networker, Pet Pardon was created to help raise awareness of the number of dogs and cats at high-kill shelters in the UK, US and Canada. Using the ‘Pet Pardon’ App animal lovers will be able to share their plight with their networks to save as many as possible from imminent death.

According to the Humane Society in the US, 7.6 companion pet animals enter shelters in the US. But nearly 3 to 4 million of them are euthanized each year – which means that every 13 seconds healthy, adoptable pets are put down. This isn’t only happening in the US – it is happening in Canada and the UK as well.

The euthanized are made up of strays, owner surrenders, survivors of puppy mills and dog fighting rings to name a few. Many are sick, banned breeds, or have failed a ‘temp’ test. Unfortunately, many are just killed for space.

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Be the ‘go-to’ App for animal lovers to network dogs and cats at high-kill shelters in the UK, US and Canada to ‘share to save a life’ from death row.